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The biggest collection of totally free stuff at one place. Free Electronics including Cameras, Audio, Video,TV,electric circuits,electronic toys and TV.

Free Apple iPod nano 16GB

Apple has redefined the world... again. Introducing the all-new Apple iPod nano 16GB. And for a limited time you can get one FREE! New features include: All-new design now with Multi-Touch, Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, FM radio with Voice Over, Shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.

Free Gadgets

Choose The Free Hot Gadgets of your Choose! Participation required, please read full terms and conditions.

The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbie to Pros

In this 46 page guide you will be introduced to Windows 7 and what it has to offer. This guide will go over the software compatible issues, you will learn about the new task bar, how to use and customize Windows Aero, what Windows 7 Libraries are all about, what software is included in Windows 7, and how easy networking is with Windows 7 along with other topics.

Free Plasma TV

Here's one way to make your mates jealous—with a free Philips, Samsung or Panasonic Plasma TV. Simply visit below to claim yours! Please read full terms and conditions.

Try, Test and Keep a new Purple Apple iPad

Experience web, e-mail, photos and video on a whole new kind of device. Introducing the revolutionary new Purple Apple iPad – and for a limited time get one to try, test and keep! All of the built-in applications on iPad were designed to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen: Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, You Tube, iPod, iTunes, Apple Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Home Screen, Spotlight Search and more. Participation requires, please read full details on relevant website.

Free Electronic Circuits

This site has 28,000+ electronic circuits, cross-referenced into 500+ categories. You will find a huge selection of electronic circuits.

Generate your own solar PV energy and make money!

With the new government Feed-in Tariff, the sooner you install a Solar PV panel system, the sooner you can be generating solar energy and saving and earning money. For details please go to website.

Free Electronic Circuits Diagrams

This site contains lots of FREE electronic circuits (schematics) & do-it-yourself (DIY) circuit diagrams for hobbyists, students, professionals etc. covering a wide range of categories in electronics like audio, music,home/garden related,computer hardware,radio,robotics etc to name a few.