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Free Products with Qualified Purchase

Free Products with Qualified Purchase. Our free offers range from small items to complete computer cases with many other items available as a choice.

Free Digilake's blank DVD+R

This offer is available only in USA. DigiLake is an online retailer of consumer electronics. To help promote their online store, they are offering a totally free blank DVD+R disk with the Digilake logo on it. Just fill out the form and request your free disk.

Free Pink Apple iPad

The NEW iPad from Apple is a revolutionary concept in mobile computing. The iPad fills the gap between laptop and smart phone. It comes with an innovative touch screen and has thousands of available applications to choose from. Participation required.

Free 35mm Slide Scanning Demo Disk (Disc) Offer

This service will scan ten of your 35mm slides or photos and create a free demo DVD with slide show that's playable on your TV set. The offer includes free return postage for your slides and the disk. See site for complete details. Free Offer Limited to USA, USA Territories and Canada.